ADDRESS: Iveta Kadlecova, MFA
Ukrajinska 23
62500 Brno
Czech Republic
MOBILE: +420/723504121
E-MAIL: iveta.kad@volny.cz
INTERNET: www.pravoslavneikony.cz
Contact Info

Please use the above contacts in case you would like to order an icon, or if you would like to learn more about icons.
The laboriousness of each icon or another piece of work depends on their size and the complexity of work.
Therefore, the price is always set individually after a mutual agreement.

During my studies I went through various iconography schools - Serbian, Greek as well as Russian.
Thanks to this, I can meet your individual preferences and requirements.
At the beginning of my iconographic work, I focused above all on Serbian and Greek schools of the 14th century.
Later on at Moscow Clerical Academy, I concentrated mainly on the Russian school.
However, my interest had always been directed to the beginnings of iconography, to its roots,
which I had the occasion to discover during my studies.
My icons began to approach this period.
As far as the formation of my own style is concerned,
I am now closest to the icon based on Lower Empire (Byzantium), but also on earlier art.

I have a lot of experience with classical format, nevertheless, I have also written an icon 2 meters high, miniatures,
and I have done other minor works, such as painting on stone or a wooden egg.
I am also captivated by wall paintings - frescos.
At the iconography school in Russia I worked as well as on complex projects,
for example, on a design of iconostasis or a draft of a cathedral's interior design.